Hiking in Slovakia is beautiful. The High Tatras, our highest mountains, are great to visit any season.  The last summer day of 2021  was a very special hike for me.  Finally, after 51 years of waiting, I made it to visit the Green Lake. All those years ago I saw a photo of it in a homeland study school book and was captivated by its beauty.

I have visited the High Tatras many times, I just never made it to the Green Lake before. It is a bit away from other places which are much easier to reach. As I am not getting any younger I had definitely set my mind to finally fulfilling this my dream in my lifetime.    🙂

Soon after setting off to this hike this “still life” heralded a fairy tale experience
The Kežmarok White Water Valley with blossoming Getiana Asclepiadea

Hiking in the Kežmarok White Water Valley is sooo romantic. Can we really hear a deer roaring from the wood? Or could it possibly be a brown bear? Not a long time ago a beautiful, young, appr. 3-4 years old bear waved at our car, watching us from the road side with his astonished eyes encircled by lighter brown rings, before turning around swiftly, falling on all four legs and showing us his behind before disappearing in the wood. It sure would not be so pleasant an encounter while walking on this wood trail. Luckily it is frequented quite well and thus hopefully bears stay away.

This time of the year seems to be Gentiana Asclepidaea time because it is the most common flower to be seen here, now. And good so, as these flowers a very beautiful.

Getiana Asclepiadea season

Not beautiful only. Dried gentian root with its healing properties is also added into spirits, making them bitter and more medicine like – juniper brandy,  borovička,  with gentian root being the most popular. Cheers!  🙂

Long breaks because of beautiful scenery

Coming from warm Bratislava in the south of Slovakia we take notice of yellow and red tree leaves and autumn like appearance of flora. Yes, fall has already arrived to the High Tatras, during summer, as the altitude is higher here. And then we are surprised even by sudden snowfall. Looks like winter is coming here at the same time.   🙂

The Proud peak in the middle and the Black Peak to the right
The Chalet at the Green Lake – with the Watercress Peak above it
Summer snowfall at the entrance of the Green Lake Chalet
Three gracious enjoying the Green Lake


Still life – Dwarf pine destroyed by a beaver. I wonder if this is ok with conservationists?

Detail of beaver “creation” in line with Tatra peaks – to  the left Kežmarská kopa, to the right Lesser Kežmarok peak. The “artist” managed to copy all of them or ressemblance purely coincidental?
Mighty North Face of the Lesser Kežmarok Peak. With its height of 900 meters it is the tallest rock face in the High Tatras.

Legend has it that the Green Lake water is so beautifully green because of a green gemstone resting on its bottom. The gemstone was originally located at the top of Goshawk Tower Peak, but unfortunatelly it fell down into the lake together with a young man who intended to bring it to his lover.

Chalet at a Green Lake with the Goshawk Tower Peak above it. The Black Peak is to the left.
Autumn playing

The Green Lake with the chalet as seen from the hiking trail to Veľká Svišťovka

Dignified doggie with Belianské Tatry in the background
The Green Lake with the chalet next to it are surrounded by the beautiful peaks and it makes you feel as being in a crater. Good-bye for now and hoping to see you soon!