Time is like a butterfly. There it is, for a moment, for us to see it and to enjoy its beauty and delicateness. But in the next moment it swings its wings and flies away and you will never come across the same one again.

I live in a span of very interesting dates. For example such year as 1999. Then the turn not of centuries only, but even millenniums followed. The last year of the twentieths century – magic year 2000. Also the first year of the third millennium, 2001.

Then an interesting number again – 2002.  Year 2010, too and for example the date 12.12.2012. Do you know where you were on this day and what you were doing?  We have an interesting number during this bizarre year of 2020 and realizing that it is 10.10.2020 made my heart to miss a beat    🙂