On this festive day, Christmas Eve, let´s go and see the places and things which are connected with the birth of Jesus and have an important meaning for all Christians
Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity

We start in Bethlehem,  in the Church of the Nativity – under the presbytery there is the Nativity Cave, the focal point of the church.  Seen columns are of polished pink sandstone and they are preserved from the original 4th Century basilica.  On them the crusade paintings of saints and Our Lady with baby Jesus cannot be seen very well

Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity –  silver star on the floor in the Nativity Cave marks the spot, where reputedly Jesus was born


Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity – On this spot in the Nativity Cave reputedly the crib holding a baby – little Jesus –  was placed.

From Bethlehem now we can move to Rome, to the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore –  of Our Lady of the Snows. We can admire this holy place and we can descend a few steps leading to the Crypt of the Nativity under the Papal Altar. In this crystal Reliquary of the Holy Crib the relics of the crib, in which reputedly little Jesus was placed in Bethlehem, can be seen.